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New Bests!!

Posted by on September 27th, 2011 with 0 Comments

First overall.
Won 6 out of 8 races.
I’m back.

Yesterday I won the Italian Championships in Lake Garda and placed first in 6 out of 8 races. At the European Championships in Bulgaria two weeks ago I matched my personal best from 2008, and it was a training and testing regatta. In two and a half months I will be racing at my final chance to win the US Olympic Trials. I plan on winning there after losing big at the first Olympic Trials event this past June. Read on for some very exciting news.

“It’s a dead man running” is one of the many thoughts I have as I train tirelessly each and every day.  No fear of losing, no feelings of getting tired, just the vivid memory of losing 4 months ago and how I won’t be letting that happen again.  It’s now been 5 months since I embarked on the comeback of my lifetime for the 2012 Olympic Games.  It’s also been 5 months since I’ve been home, and I might return for a week before the end of the year. I knew if I was going to do this dream, I was going to go all out. There are no second chances in sports, there is nobody to pick you up if you fall. You are only as good as your last result.  I’ve got a payback that’s been growing in me since the last day of racing in the 2008 Olympics.  A dream that I was nearly forced to quit because of a personal financial crisis at the beginning of this year. The last update I sent you I was at a personal worst, I had a terrible first Olympic Trials regatta and was on the verge of retirement from the sport.  But I don’t give up that easily. With the win in Italy the hard work I’ve done both on and off the water is starting to finally pay off.

What energizes me is the thought that my opponents thought my day had come.
That I was done.
Game over.

I knew and have known there is no way I’d let a little ass kicking get the better of me.  I was terribly underprepared coming in to the first round of the Olympic Trials and I knew it.  But my strength alone isn’t enough, that’s where family, friends and business colleagues stepped in and up for me to finish this strong. The last time I lost an Olympic Trials I was undefeated in the US for 7 years. Now back in perspective and on my best game, I’m thankful for losing in June, and even more thankful for now having the chance for me to show the world and my opponents what I’m truly capable of performing at in December. I’m training at a level right now that I could never afford to do before.

They say getting there is half of success, well for this year, getting there has been the major struggle. Unlike my competitors, who are either family funded or government funded, I have to work. It’s unsustainable at this rate, I’m burning my candle at both ends. It’s exactly what burned myself out in 2009, but taking the rest through 2010 was the best thing I could have done.  Now full of energy, I don’t have to let up an inch before the US trials concludes or the Olympics finishes next year.  But my life is like a gypsy’s, training with foreign teams full time, no permanent home. It’s what I have to do to win. And somehow I really get a kick out of it.

It’s time to make a sustainable program not just for me but for other athletes as well.

We are in the late stages of creating a nutrition company that will have a dual mission – to make your lives better through nutrition, and to support struggling athletes to their dreams.  People think that the US Olympic team is well and fully funded, but the reality is that this past April I was staying in a tent when I had no money to find proper accommodation while competing there.  The tent was a 50 Euro one-man pop-up tent that advertised that it could be pitched in 2 seconds.

In that tent I continued work on prototyping a unique nutrition product, mixing ingredients together to find a formula that worked.  This formula is now moving toward full production and the venture will ultimately allow  me and others to continue to pursue Olympic dreams. As the company is getting closer to the product launch, and as I approach my ultimate competitive test this December I count my lucky stars. The hard work is paying off.  Team 2 Seconds is born. We will take a portion of profits from this business to sustain the team racer’s Olympic dreams.  It’s time to apply the years of work experience while campaigning for the Olympics into a successful business we own and that we all can be a part of winning.   I know I can be the best, so will the products we make and put our name behind. I hope you’re as excited as me to finally be back in top form.

Please follow along on the team’s website and blog. I will be updating this regularly with the team’s progress. Let’s go for Gold!

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