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Heavy Artillery- Weymouth

Posted by on July 18th, 2011 with 0 Comments

Since deciding to stay at the 2012 Olympic Training venue for 2 months instead of my flight back home to Florida, I’ve been sailing till my hands can’t hold on any longer and go numb, which is somewhere around the 4 hour mark!  At first I had to take nearly 2 hour naps each day from being so exhausted but now only need a nap occasionally.  Losing the first part of the trials has definitely stepped up my motivation to say lightly, to put all my precision in winning the Olympic Trials culminating in December. And I must say, I’m on fire.

Looking back at my most awesome life achievements i’ve always had a great comeback.  This one will be no exception, this one will be best I can be, and I won’t have any stone left un turned.  Each day there are new athletes showing up fresh, and I love training with each picking up new technique, tuning choices and race management.

I’ve been making huge gains in everything from light wind to the windier stuff, which I was struggling with due to lack of equipment and time sailing in the breeze.  I cycle 45 minutes a day on top of the water work out.

After this session I will leave for Southampton to join the Annual Athletes Commission meeting, which I will Chair. Finally everything is coming together!


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