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Team 2 Seconds is Born!

Posted by on July 6th, 2011 with 0 Comments

Team 2 seconds is finally alive!

Don’t take yourself too seriously.  So in the last update I was shaken after losing the 1st part of the Olympic Trials, I was down and agitated. I suck at losing.  I felt like I was on my greatest hits album but had no hits left to play.  It was that bad, my worst regatta in over 6 years.  And so you might wonder now what?

You can get pumped up and talk about going for gold all you want and never have a chance. There is a science to winning, and that’s in the preparation and training.  My greatest weakness and strength is that I’m American.  The weakness lies in that there is nobody to sail with in the USA as I have been the dominate athlete for the last seven years and not in anyones interest to train number 2 as there is only one spot available for the Olympic Team in my discipline.  But as anyone should know me, if I do something, I try to do it big.

I have been working hard since beginning of the year to do something bigger than just goto the Olympics again, I wanted to build a team.  And the question was how do I fund a team.  I’ve always worked while competing, and it’s not easy, actually it’s nearly impossible. But has taught me some very tough and valuable lessons in sport and in business.  So it was natural that while finally having all the pieces for launching a nutrition company come together that I’d use those profits to support a team.   That Team is Team2seconds.  I hope as the business achieves success we’ll be able to add many more athletes that have the talent, but not the money to win.

Since January I’ve been formulating, preparing and polishing what will be some of the most proud products I’ve made in my life and products that I can believe in and use. Tried and trued over the decade plus time I’ve been competing internationally.  The company is slated to launch the products by October and will keep you updated when we do.  Believe in the dream!


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